Fireworks Screensavers

This page gives an overview about different software available to simulate fireworks.

Fireworks Screen Saver by programble

This free fireworks screensaver is a small download. It displays one firework at a time. Many parameters are adjustable.
However, the graphics are very unrealistic, and there is no sound. This screensaver can be downloaded here.

ReallySlick Skyrocket

This screensaver looks amazing. The camera moves in 3D, and there's a 3D environment. This free download also includes several other beautiful screensaver. Download at

LBV Fireworks Screensaver

This screensaver also has 3D camera movement. However, the stars look a bit artificial and there is no sound. There is a free 30-day free trial, and the full version costs $9.95. Not recommended, as the ReallySlick screensaver looks better and is free. Free Trial Download here.

Create your own fireworks with FWsim

All the screensavers mentioned so far are completely automatic. You can adjust some parameters, but it is not possible to design your own fireworks.
FWsim is a fireworks simulation software. It enables you to plan your own fireworks to the music of your choice. Not only that, but each individual firework is completely customizable.
The fireworks are all realistic, and the sounds are recorded from real fireworks. When you have finished building a great fireworks show, you can create an HD video and share it on YouTube.
FWsim can be tried for free. The full version costs €19.95 / $25.95.
Download Free Trial at